La Quercia
Everything is hard before it is easy
J.W. Van Goethe


Although love is a natural feeling that is supposed to make us extremely happy, sometimes we seem unable to love or to resume our love ability. We believe we can fundamentally improve our love skills, while working on subjective fears, and start loving in a more satisfying way.

We just need to take the time to look at ourselves with no cultural or social prejudices, beliefs and constraints. Neuroscience and neurobiology can be extremely powerful tools to eliminate all secondary factors that may prevent us to live "according to the nature" and to neglect our fears. Indeed, nature shows an intrinsic ethics and a fascinatingwisdom that cannot be disregarded, but rather known better.

Under this perspective, love represents the most extraordinary human feeling whose essence is reward and joy, and it is a concrete evidence that men are naturally inclined to meet the others and to share.

Before being ready to encounter the "real" love, there are unavoidable sequential steps that must be accomplished involving a deep self-knowledge reached through a deep dwelling in the self, while facing individual virtues, vices and fears.
If we want to realize love, that is a fear with no fear, we have to be honest with ourselves and to face personal fears. This implies time, silence, energy and, with no doubt, sometimes even pain.

The masterclass is an intensive five-days program organized in Lucca, Tuscany.  Besides theoretical and formal lectures, albeit in an informal setting, participants will experience a unique and constructive way of living involving motricity, new food, talking different languages, discovery of new territories (possibly outside and inside themselves), while encouraging different activities shared with others.

The masterclass in love is expected to represent a starting point and a personal growth that would enable participants to (re)shape their own lives, and offer new opportunities to realize what everybody wants: to love and to be loved.
This five-days program looks as follows, but it is flexible and can undergo small changes according to weather conditions or group’s requirements.


Day 1:
- Arrival of participants & welcome dinner
- Evening session : extended introduction and setting course objectives
Day 2:
- Guided trekking
- Lecture 1: Antecendents of love (D. Marazziti)
- Lecture 2: Scent of love (A. Piccinni)
- Informal group session
- Soft Martial arts while facing the sunset
Day 3:
- Guided trekking
- Informal group session
- Lecture 3: To fly or not to fly: that is the question (I. Selvatici and D. Marazziti)
- Lecture 4: The meaning of love in the human trajectory (I. Selvatici and D. Marazziti)
Day 4:
- Informal group session
- Lecture 5: Conclusive lecture (D. Marazziti)
- Informal group session
- Soft martial arts
- Special dinner with wine degustation
Day 5:
- Farewell breakfast

This is a full immersion program, therefore the number is limited to 20 participants.

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Lucca is a city in Tuscany, Central Italy, famous among other things for its intact Renaissance-era city walls. It’s a small medieval city, 25 km from Pisa and 80 km from Florence. The masterclass is organized in the beautiful Villa Daniela Grossi, a fully restored monastery owned by the Cappuccini Monks, where frescoes were brought back to their original state.
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850 € per person, including:
  • 5 workshops given by Donatella Marazziti and her Italian team;
  • 4 informal group sessions;
  • 2 trekkings guided by a geologist;
  • 2 sessions of soft marcial skills;
  • 4 nights in the Villa Daniela Grossi;
  • breakfast, lunch, dinner prepared by the Italian chef;
  • wine tasting;
  • transport from and to the airport;
  • flight tickets are not included, but La Quercia will inform you about the travel arrangements of other participants. Besides Pisa, also the airports of Florence and Rome offer possibilities for travelling to Lucca.