La Quercia
Love requires discipline, concentration, supreme interest…and maturity
Eric Fromm


For those who can not attend a masterclass, we organize one- or two-days seminars in in Europe and in the United States.

Seminars could be tailored to specific audiences. Depending on the seminar objectives, a program can include 2 to 4 sessions. Although seminars can cover different topics, our area of expertise is personal growth, awareness on emotions and love, improving love skills.

Possible subjects could be:
  • Self-awareness and personal Growth
  • Facing Fear
  • Love
  • How to survive after a major loss
  • How to cope with the end of a relationship
  • Fear of Flying
  • How to cope with a betrayal
  • Economic crisis and love relationship

La Quercia also elaborates educational projects for psychotherapists, psychiatrists, students and for neuropsychiatric patients and their families. Please contact us for more information.