La Quercia
What we think, we become. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world
The Buddha
La Quercia is a non - profit organization that aims to help people to:

  • improve personal, emotional, social skills and wellbeing;
  • learn how to overcome fear of emotions;
  • restore an individual’s love ability;
  • love in a more rewarding way.

We organize classes, trekkings and full immersion programs. Love at the heart of the brain… that’s our domain. Our methods integrate both neurobiological and holistic insights. We want to share. We want to help people to say: “I am no longer afraid”. Only real love may transform life in a masterpiece and provide deep joy. We help people find and realize this kind of love. Everybody is welcome, singles and people in a relationship. The only requirement is willingness to grow.

Ps: The magnificent oak tree is our symbol, which explains our values and beliefs.

Hope you will enjoy it,

Warm greetings.

Donatella Marazziti
La Quercia is an initiative affiliated to the Italian Brain Research Foundation, managed by Professor Donatella Marazziti and Professor Armando Piccini, of the University of Pisa.